10 Astonishing Facts about Death That You May Find Difficult to Believe

Death is a part of nature that nobody can cheat on.

There have always been many interesting theories about death and what happens to us when we die.

Do people know when they are about to die?

Can your body move even after death?

Can your hairs and fingernails grow after death? And one of the most surprising of all: do people who are hanged get an erection after death? Yes! It's said to have happened.

Kindly follow to read some amazing and bizarre fact about death:

  1. The human head doesn’t lose consciousness immediately it is cut off:


When your head gets cut off from your body, you don’t blank all of a sudden.

It could take up to 20 seconds before you eventually die.

This means you could be looking at your body lying helplessly before you finally pass out.

2. Your body enzymes digest your body:

Yes, ever head of betrayal? This is it at its fullest - courtesy of your body enzymes.

When you die, after some days, your digestive system begins to consume your body with its enzymes.

This causes your skin to start decaying until you are left with bones

3. Doctors handwriting causes death:
You can hardly see a doctor’s handwriting except you’re also a doctor or a pharmacist.

But... are we all doctors and pharmacists? No.

Pharmacists and doctors are human; they can misread a doctor’s prescription and give you the wrong pills or wrong dosages.

Wrong dosage or pills can cause death or other health issues.

Research by the National Academies of Science’s Institute of Medicine confirms this.

4. A dead person eyeball can reveal its murderer:

Your eyeball, apart from using it to see, is more important than you think.

Investigators have said it looks like a film in a camera. Wow!

And the last image that someone who died saw (could be the murderer) can be recovered from the balls.

However, this hasn’t been proved as of today.

5. Drinking too much water can kill you:

You probably need to be attentive here, especially if you drink lots of water.

Sodium is an essential component in the body, and drinking lots of water could make it low.

What happens when it becomes low?

You might throw up, become overhydrated and die.

6. Your body can still move even after death:

This is scary but true!

When this happens to a dead person, you don’t have to run.

Well, except you believe ghosts exist.

I’d like to surprise you now. The body tissues cause the body movement of a dead person.

When the tissues in their body start dying, their body can move... I mean… Obvious movement.

7. People who get executed can get an erection after death:

Erection has been noticed in people who are executed, mostly by hanging.

This happens when the hanging rope known as noose presses the cerebellum.

Generally, death is known to affect both male and female reproductive organs.

Even in suicide, the male genitals can release some fluids or mucus, and the female vagina can discharge blood.

8. Corpses become bigger:
When you throw bread inside the water, what happens?

It swells and floats on the water.
Same with a dead body.

After some days, a dead body starts swelling due to the discharge of gases, and if thrown in the water, it floats.

But there’s a trick to it...

9. Not all dead bodies float on water:
Death, when someone drowns, or when someone dies before thrown in the water, is different.

When you drown, water fills your lungs, and this will let your body sink to the bottom of the water.

But when someone dies, air remains present in their lungs, making them float on the water.

This is a trick forensic scientists use to know the real cause of someone’s death.

10. A dead body can make a groaning sound:

How far can you run if after someone dies, they make a groaning sound? I bet, more than 200m.

Why can a dead person make a sound after death?

This becomes possible when life starts leaving the body - the vocal tract (where sounds and speech are made) vibrates due to air and gases escaping through the mouth and nose.

The sound made can be similar to a groan from someone feeling pain.

So you don’t have to run if you hear this while walking around a cemetery at night.

I hope you enjoyed reading the facts; kindly comment below on the one(s) that surprised you the most.



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